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Quick, Stimulating Facts About Orgasms

Ask anyone why they want to have sex, and they’ll give you a lot of common reasons. Some long for pleasure, while others just crave getting multiple orgasms. What’s an orgasm by the way? Well, the term is defined as a “climax of sensual excitement, with feelings of pleasure centered on the genitals. Men are noted to average one orgasm, while women are known to get multiple orgasms in one round of sex. Here are a couple of quick yet stimulating facts about orgasms.

Female Orgasms Last Longer Than Men’s

According to sex experts, the average male orgasm lasts a mere six seconds. The average female orgasm on the other hand, lasts an amazing twenty seconds. While men can only orgasm once in a round of sex, women enjoy the privilege of getting multiple orgasms. If you’re doubtful of this, you may want to test it out with your spouse, or with your chosen touring escorts from  Australia.

The Use of Condoms Doesn’t Affect The Quality of Orgasms

Some women (and men) worry that wearing condoms affects the quality of their orgasms. But according to researchers at Indiana University in the US, ladies are likely to experience orgasms with or without the use of condoms.

Condoms can even help couples spend extra time having sex, because the guy won’t need to quickly pull out, especially if he’s worried about ejaculating too quickly. For guys who complain of the lack of sensation when using condoms, they should try manual stimulation first, so that they’ll have a longer and more fulfilling experience.

A Large Number of Women Have Problems Reaching Orgasm

If you think that it’s only the men who have problems reaching an orgasm, think again. According to data from Planned Parenthood, one in three women have been reported to have trouble reaching orgasm. A whopping 80 percent of women also experienced hardships in getting an orgasm purely from vaginal intercourse.

The condition is called female sexual dysfunction, and health experts believe that this affects 43 percent of women today. To treat this, topical testosterone medications are used, along with certain oral medications.

Some sex therapists also suggest that ladies switch and mix things up in bed with their partners. This means that both partners should combine vaginal sex with oral sex, so that they will have an easier time achieving an orgasm.

Orgasms Get Better As You Age

While many women worry about menopause once they reach 40 (and men worry about impotence), the truth is that orgasms actually get better as we grow old. In a recent sexual health survey, 61 percent of women aged 18-24 had an orgasm the last time they had sex, while 70 percent of women in their 40s and 50s had more confidence in bed, and reported better orgasms.

One of the main reasons why orgasms get better with age is because these men and women have gotten more sexually experienced, and they have double the confidence in their bedroom skills, thus enjoy themselves more.

Your Self-Esteem Affects The Quality of Your Orgasms

A man or woman’s self-esteem can also have an impact on the quality of their orgasms. A number of studies have noted that how a woman feels about her genitals is interrelated with the quality of her orgasms. So, as long as a woman’s vagina is void of pain, sores and other health problems, she’ll have better confidence in bed. This also goes for men, as those who are satisfied with their penis size (and live a healthy lifestyle) are more likely to perform better in bed.

So the next time you go to bed with your lover (or with your preferred touring escorts Australia), send yourself healthy, positive and encouraging messages about yourself and your body. This should help build up your confidence, and enjoy round after round of explosive orgasms.

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