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My Unforgettable Experience with an Australian Escort

I may be a successful chef but when it comes to women, I am totally shy. I’ll admit that I’m totally good looking and girls drool over me. But when the time comes that I’ll be the one to approach them, I easily get intimidated. That’s the reason why it has been so long since I had a serious relationship with a girl and honestly, that was the last time I had sex.

Since interacting with women is no walk in the park for me, I have decided to take a big step by hiring a female escort. I thought to myself, ‘Nothing can go wrong, right?’ Aside from being entertained for a night, this could also help me with my situation.

Setting up an appointment and waiting for her to show up in a hotel room was totally nerve racking. I can’t believe I went through this. There were so many questions running through my mind! But when the bell rang, my whole world just stopped! I knew this is going to be something that I will never forget!

I was shocked the moment I opened the door! I really thought I saw an angel from the sky as she totally left me breathless! She was wearing a blouse that showcased her protruding nipples and her short skirt that showed off her long and smooth legs. I immediately let her inside my room and told her my story of a shy person I was. She totally understood my situation and guaranteed that there is nothing to worry about.

Our night totally went smoothly. Since I was a bit anxious, she started our endeavour with a sensual message. She explained that this will totally make me comfortable. Since she was hot and I could already feel the tension in her touch, my cock couldn’t help it. In just a few minutes, it became so hard that it needed to be satisfied. So without any hesitation, she gave me an incredible blow job and made me cum in her mouth.

The next step was totally the best one. After giving me a head, we took off our clothes and got into bed. We repeatedly did oral sex and we totally fucked the whole night. Her moans during that moment indicated that we are really having a great time. She was the woman who totally improved my self-esteem.

My experience with this stunning escort was the best thing that ever happened to me. I could never forget how we kissed and how her touch feels. She is someone I could call again if ever I feel lonely and needs someone to be with. So if you’re someone who has the same personality as mine but still wants to have the best time of your life, have an appointment with her now or check out other girls at Touring Escorts.

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